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Project Lead for Darwin Initiative Project 17-020: Enhancing the Elephant Trade Information System to Guide CITES Policy

The overarching aim of my research is motivated by the challenges of addressing large and complex (and often interdisciplinary) questions in the fields of renewable natural resource management, food security and climate change.

In particular my research focuses on the design of monitoring programs and in the analysis of data from such programs. The aim of these programs may be to assist in the long-term monitoring of a process or to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular intervention.

Specific research topics are:

  • Designing monitoring programs that can adapt over time as more information becomes available.
  • Strategies for making sense of data from monitoring programs based on opportunistic data collection. Currently this work focuses on data collected by law enforcement agencies, related to work on elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade.
  • Analysis of daily climatic data, for example rainfall and temperature, to learn about patterns in the climate and how this is changing through time.
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Dr Fiona Underwood

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Room 213, Mathematics

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