About the School of Biological Sciences

Head: Professor Rob Jackson


Student researching in the BioCentreThe School of Biological Sciences is a research intensive institution, which prides itself on the excellence and relevance of its degree courses. The School was formed in 2005 from the former Schools of Animal and Microbial Sciences, Applied Statistics and Plant Sciences. This has resulted in the formation of a School with a formidable range of expertise, and this unique combination makes Reading a very attractive place to work and study.


The School now consists of two Research Divisions;
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering.

Biomedical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering

Research Division Leader: Professor Simon Andrews


Biomedical science is presently at an extremely exciting stage, driven by technological advances that allow us to conduct experiments that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Staff from Biomedical sciences conduct work that maintains Reading university at the forefront of research developments. With more than 25 members of academic staff, the research interests within Biomedical Sciences are diverse and encompass the whole range of the biomedical sciences.

Specialist research groups within Biomedical Sciences:

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Research Division Leader: Dr Tom Oliver


Butterfly on the Whiteknights campus photograph by Dr Mark Fellowes Research in this section deals primarily in ecology and evolutionary biology and the applied links between these disciplines, wildlife conservation and the biological control of agricultural pests and diseases.

Specialist research groups within Ecology and Evolutionary Biology:

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