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MSc by Research Biomedicine -

Cancer projects

A range of cancers are under investigation including breast cancer, lung cancer, fibrosarcoma, glioblastoma and pancreatic cancer but projects can focus on almost any type of cancer.

Projects in this area could involve investigating:cancer cell dividing

  • The effects of environmental chemicals on breast cancer,
  • How cancer cells are able to spread around the body
  • The role of the tumour microenvironment
  • The signalling pathways that control cell division and cell death in cancer
  • How cancer cells become resistant to chemotherapy.

Cardiovascular disease projects

If you're interested in cardiovascular disease you can choose from a wide range of projects including:cardiovascular image

  • The role of macrophages and oxidised low density lipoprotein in atherosclerosis,
  • How the heart adapts to mechanical strain
  • Cell signalling and cell communication in cardiac myocytes
  • How platelet activation is regulated in thrombosis
  • The mechanisms of heart failure.
  • Systems biology modelling of platelet signalling to predict drug reponses
  • Use of bioinformatics and protein structure prediction in understanding cardiovascular disease

Genetics projects

Projects in this area investigate the genetics of disease and the application of techniques such as PCR, cloning, sequencing, RNA interference and gene therapy.

Specific projects could involve investigating:genetics image

  • Genetics and epigenetics of cancer,
  • Genetics of emerging viruses,
  • Gene expression changes during ovarian follicle development
  • How peptide hormones are produced,
  • The use of bioinformatics to identify genetic links to disease
  • Bacterial evolution
  • Gene therapy approaches to the treatment of muscular dystrophies and other diseases.

Microbiology projects

virus sem

  • Determining the mechanisms used by bacteria for causing plant and crop diseases and for promoting plant growth.
  • Investigating the mechanisms of how bacteria infect their human hosts
  • How bacteria transport proteins across the outer membrane
  • The role of iron as a virulence factor in bacteria
  • How viral proteins carry our their functions in viruses
  • How viruses are able to co-opt host cells and organisms

Stem cells & regenerative medicine projects


  • Cardiac stem cells and cardiac repair
  • Cancer stem cells
  • Skeletal muscle stem cells and their role in ageing and muscle diseases
  • Using amniotic stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells as a source for differentiated tissue
  • Gene therapy for degenerative diseases

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