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Vacation Residence Visitors - Bedding Pack Order

As a Vacation Residence visitor you will not be provided with bedding in your hall room. If you would like us to arrange a bedding pack you must order this in advance by completing the form below. Once you have submitted this form we will send you an email requesting online payment. 

To ensure a bedding pack will be available you must order it at least 5 working days in advance of your arrival.

Please note you will need to make this payment before your arrival. If you are arriving outside of office hours a bedding pack will not be reserved for you unless you have made prior payment.

What's included and how much does it cost?

The bedding packs include a duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillow case and fitted sheet.

Childs Hall and Stenton Townhouses have 4ft wide beds and require a double size bedding pack at a cost of £35.

Benyon, St George's, Sherfield and Windsor Halls have single beds and require a single size bedding pack at a cost of £25.

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