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The Beckett Research Centre is an interdisciplinary hub, which supports and promotes world-leading research, teaching, and creative projects based on the internationally recognised Beckett Archive at the University's Special Collections. This is the largest collection of publicly accessible Beckett materials in the world. 

The Centre hosts various academic programmes, and facilitates collaborative research and teaching initiatives led by world-class Beckett specialists from the following departments:  

Beckett's works and manuscripts are included in a number of core and specialist undergraduate and taught postgraduate modules across departments, with students often choosing to pursue their interests in Beckett through further postgraduate study.

There is also a thriving PhD and Early-Career Researchers' group, which plays an important and dynamic role in the Centre's research activities and community. In the last few years, the Group has organised two successful international conferences, with over 50 delegates in attendance. The conferences, 'Beckett and Europe' (for postgraduates) and 'Beckett and Politics' (for scholars of all career stages), which were held in 2015 and 2016 respectively, foreground the Centre's inaugural research themes of 'Europe' and 'The Environment'.    

The Centre aims to support and promote original and world-leading research on Beckett by scholars and creative practitioners both within the University and beyond it (at local and global levels). As part of this inclusive vision, emphasising Beckett's living legacies within the creative arts, we will host a series of Creative Fellowships, enabling leading writers, performers, artists, and musicians to Beckett Research Centre inaugural themesdevelop new projects and insights through unique engagement with the archival material.


Each year, the Centre will present a programme of public events around a theme or topic that foregrounds Beckett's importance in contemporary debates and/or current affairs. To this end, the Centre's inaugural theme(s) for 2017-2018 are:

  • Beckett and the Environment
  • Beckett and Europe



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