beck-graffitiThe Beckett at Reading Postgraduate & Early-Career Group (BARP) is an active, vibrant and supportive community of postgraduate and early-career Beckett scholars. It is an integral part of the Centre's activities and research initiatives, with members of the group organising conferences, seminars, and discussion groups, as well as regular informal meet-ups, to which visiting postgraduates and ECRs are warmly welcome.

BARP has organised two successful international conferences, with 50-80 delegates in attendance. The conferences, 'Beckett and Europe' (for postgraduates) and 'Beckett and Politics' (for scholars of all career stages), were held in 2015 and 2016 respectively and foreground the Centre's inaugural research themes of 'Europe' and 'The Environment'. 


The Beckett Forum

BARP also runs the Beckett Forum, a working group for researchers to discuss, present and share their work in a collegiate environment. The Forum meets regularly at the University of Reading and welcomes scholars visiting the University and those using the archive at MERL. Scholars nearing the end of their PhDs are given the opportunity to present larger aspects of their theses to help prepare for their examination presentations and/or defence.

Postgraduate ResearchFor more information about the group, and to arrange to attend a meeting, please visit the BARP website. For more regular announcements and online discussions, you can also visit the group's Facebook page. For further information about postgraduate research opportunities in Beckett Studies at the University, please see the adjacent link.


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