Diagnostic Services


We are making some changes to the clinical services offered by the Centre for Autism. Our clinical services will in future enable a wider range of individuals and families to access the Centre for Autism, supporting our exciting program of research and training the next generation of psychologists and speech and language therapists.  Our adult diagnostic service will be expanded, and we will offer an increased range of interventions and training for families.


Children and families 

From summer 2019, we will no longer be offering clinical diagnostic assessments for children. Our research colleagues will be offering a limited number of assessments as part of their research portfolio. Currently, this service is available to 3-5 year olds. Please see the research page for further information:

http://www.reading.ac.uk/autism/research/ongoing-studies/ and https://www.mqmentalhealth.org/research/profiles/mental-health-autism

Intervention and Training

We are significantly expanding our intervention and training service.

We will offer speech and language intervention for children and young people with autism or who are awaiting autism diagnostic assessment in our independent speech and language therapy clinic (click here for their website). The University of Reading speech and language therapy clinic supports training for speech and language therapists and contributes to research.  This independent clinic is free and therapy is normally offered by student speech and language therapists under the close supervision of highly experienced clinicians. 

We are also developing a music-assisted language intervention for 2-4-year-old non-verbal or minimally verbal children with autism, and will be looking for families to take part in a randomised controlled trial from September 2019. Please email f.liu@reading.ac.uk if you are interested in joining the study.

To help develop our understanding of anxiety and ways to support anxious children, we plan to run parent workshops on supporting anxious children next year.  We will also continue to expand our parent and practitioner training events.


We will continue to offer diagnostic assessments to adults, employees, and students. As well as diagnostic services, we are actively seeking adults to help with a variety of research studies advertised on our website. We are also currently developing new research in careers and employability.

Under 18 diagnostic assessments

We are no longer able to accept referrals for clinical diagnostic assessments for children and young people under 18.

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