Art Conferences & Symposia

The Association of Art Historians annual conference in 2013

Department of Art to Host the Association of Art Historians International Conference, 2013.

Art's research environment is stimulated by a series of symposia that address and consolidate the department's research strands. Building on the public impact of these initiatives, the department is hosting the prestigious Association of Art Historians Conference in 2013 and has developed a Research Platform for Curatorial and Cross-disciplinary Cultural Studies, with Zurich University for the Arts.

Dr Sue Malvern convened the Terrorist Transgressions: Cultural Representations workshop, November 2011. Organised in collaboration with Birkbeck, University of London and Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst Workshop, as part of the AHRC funded 'Terrorist Transgressions: network on the gendered representations of the terrorist'. The workshop involved a series of screenings of films dealing with the subject of terrorism, papers given by network members and a panel session on the ethics of representing terror featuring the curators Professor Felix Ensslin and Graham Coulter-Smith, the artist Xenophon Kavvadias, and director Anne Crilly.


Alun Rowlands, The Dark Monarch: Magic & Modernity in British Art Tate St. Ives (2009).

Alun Rowlands, The Dark Monarch: Magic & Modernity in British Art Tate St. Ives, 2009.

Professor Alun Rowlands
worked with Tate Learning to develop new resources for gallery learning and school teachers as part of The Dark Monarch: Magic & Modernity in British Art at Tate St. Ives. The Dark Weekend event for schools and groups was organised in collaboration with Tate Learning; and the conference: Magic and Modernity in British Art, 20 - 21 November 2009, in association with University College Falmouth exploring the themes and debates presented in the exhibition, including a paper given by Rowlands himself. 36 School groups visited as part of Tate Learning programme associated with the exhibition.

Dr Jonathan Dronsfield convened the Materiality of Theory symposium at the ICA, London, May 2009, developing from his participation in the Art Writing Network, with UCE, Chelsea and Goldsmiths Colleges. Speakers addressed the potentials of theory and philosophy in contemporary art practice, including papers by: John Mullarkey, philosopher at the University of Dundee and author of Post-Continental Philosophy; and Stephen Zepke, theorist, Akademie der Bildenden Ku╠łnste in Vienna and author of Art as Abstract Machine: Ontology and Aesthetics in Deleuze and Guattari.

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