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Professor Susanne Clausen

Position / Job Title:

Professor in Art


Head of Department
Co-director of the Joint Research Platform in Curating
Study abroad co-ordinator

Areas of Interest:
Video, Installation, Experimental Performance, Performative Curating.
Research groups / Centres:


My art practice involves performances, videos and multi-media installations, incorporating new uses of performative and interactive media practices and text. In these works the performance and the exhibition are a site for post or meta-production in which the stream of film and performance images becomes redirected into the realms of critical thought. Installations resonate theatrical film sets and stages, where the development of the work can be experienced. Performers and actors are choreographed within these sets, enacting movements and text, thus generating a structure of social, cultural and political references and associations within the work.

I work and publish predominantly under the name Szuper Gallery, often in collaboration with the artist Pavlo Kerestey. Initially running Szuper Gallery as a tool to develop formal vocabularies that extend and define the concept of gallery as institutional critique, I have since moved to larger sites for curation concerned with placing and siting art practice within a post-1989 condition and, now, post 2008 I continue to address the anxieties embedded in a capitalist fantasy. Szuper Gallery's ambivalent multi-media approach, that spans video, performance, installation and paintings responds to artworld and global contexts, grappling with changing definitions of the social.

I have collaborated with institutions, artists and museums both internationally and in the UK. Previous exhibitions and performances include Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia (2012); Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland (2012); The MacKenzie Art Gallery, Canada (2011); Curtain Razors, Regina, Canada, 2008; 4'33'', Kunstverein Bregenz, 2007; Kunsthalle Helsinki, 2006; Set Project, Western Front Vancouver, 2005; Play without a Stage, Shedhalle Zurich, 2005; Künstlerhaus Bremen, 2002;Temporary Accomodation, Whitechapel Art Gallery, 2001; Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong, 2005; Lenbachhaus Museum, Munich, 2002; Televisions, Kunsthalle Vienna, 1999.

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1997-1999 MA Fine Art Media Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London
1988-1994 Academy of Fine Art, Munich, Germany

Postgraduate Supervision:

I welcome enquiries from prospective postgraduate students who would like to work on such topics as: research in and through art practice, film and video, filmed and live performance, digital practice, collective practice(s), theatre as art, contemporary feminism, political art, alternative spaces, performative curating, relational curating.

Please also see Research Platform in Curating

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0118 3788050

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