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Dr James Hellings
Position / Job Title:
Lecturer in Art

BA Art, BA Art and History of Art, PhD Art, PhD History of Art. Module convenor for Modernisms and Mythologies and Contemporary Art Theory.

Areas of Interest:

James has research interests in Marxian-inflected histories and theories of modern and contemporary art, focussing on the work of Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin, and Jacques Rancière. Other research interests include the politics/poetics of aesthetics, the Frankfurt School, psychoanalytic, queer, and feminist theories of art, European and North American modernism, theories of the avant-garde and the neo-avant-garde, social practice, thinking newness and contemporaneity in the arts. James's first solo-authored book, Adorno and Art: Aesthetic Theory Contra Critical Theory, was recently published by Palgrave Macmillan. James's book received a favourable, and unsolicited, review in Art Monthly. James is interested in manifesting his interests in a variety of forms (performance, film, print), and promoting the interdependency of art and theory through his research and teaching.

Postgraduate Supervision: James welcomes research proposals on; the politics/poetics of aesthetics, psychoanalytic, queer, and feminist theories of art, the social history of modern and contemporary art, critical theory and the Frankfurt School, Adorno, Benjamin, Rancière, European and North American modernism and the (neo-)avant-garde, social practice, and newness in the arts.

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James Hellings

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