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Professor Anna Gruetzner Robins


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Professor, Department Director of Research, Curator of the Anthony Betts Collection of Drawings



I teach undergraduate course on nineteenth century and early twentieth century art in Britain and France, exhibition histories and the London art world and Sickert and Degas. My Ph.D students have completed doctorates on the collectiong of modern art , the history of Tate, the Formation of Neo-Romanticism, nineteenth century art critics, the reception of Van Eyck in Britain and the role of confession in contemporary art.

Areas of Interest:

My research interests include Walter Richard Sickert and James McNeill Whistler, exhibition histories , Anglo-French exchange and the reception of French art in Britain. I also curate exhibitions including Modern Art in Britain 1910-1914, Barbican Art Gallery, London 1997 and Degas , Sickert and Toulouse Lautrec: London and Paris 1870-1910 , Tate Britain and The Phillips Collection, Washington, 2005-2006.

Research groups / Centres:



Single Author

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Contributions to Books

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Selected Conference Papers (from 2008)

2013 'Doubling Desire: Michael Field and Rossetti in the 1890s, Pre-Raphaelitism Past, Present and Future, Ashmolean Museum and St John's College, Oxford.

2013 'It's later than you think: Richard Hamilton and Duchamp : a collaboration, Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton, University of Newcastle.

2011 'Whistler's Paris Studio', Palaces of Art, Freer Gallery of Art, Washington.

2010,'Un souvenir de Monet: quelques impressionists britanniques dans le sud de l'Angleterre,L'Impressionnisme: du plein air au territoire, Rouen, Musée des Beaux Arts and Le Havre, Musée André Malraux, Conference organised by the Université de Rouen in connection with the above museums.

2010, 'Roger Fry and Cézanne', Russia and the Global Effect, 1900-1950 , St Petersburg , Russia.

2008, 'James Wilson Morrice - Nomad and Exile', Expatriate Modernists, Annual Conference of the Universities Art Association of Canada, University of Toronto.

2008, 'Whistler's British Followers: painting in the Industrial Age', Like Breath on Glass, Public Symposium, The Sterling and Francine Clark Institute, Williamstown Massachusetts, 18,19 October. (

2008, 'Degas's L'Absinthe', Impressionism in Scotland.

2008, 'Impressionism and Confessions of a Young Man, George Moore and his contemporaries, University of Hull.

2008, 'Degas's Interiors' Public Lecture in Connection with the exhibition Impressionist Interiors, National Gallery of Ireland.

2008, 'Looking in the Mirror: Bonnard's Aphrodite', Aphrodite Revealed , University of Reading.


I was educated at the University of Toronto (BA) and the Courtauld Institute of Art (MA and PhD). I have received research grants from the AHRC, The British Academy, Harvard University, The Leverhulme Trust , and The Paul Mellon Centre for British Art.


Postgraduate Supervision

I welcome enquiries from prospective postgraduate students in any of the above areas of interest. I have supervised post graduate theses on nineteenth century art criticism , the reception of Ol Masters in England, the formation of national collections and aspects of international exchange.

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