Social Archaeology Research Group Postgraduate Students

Some of our recent research degree students and their thesis titles

Adam Sutton (
Technological innovation in the late Iron Age: ceramics as a case study.
Supervised by: Professor Michael Fulford

Alice Rogers (
Coastal connections: the archaeology of the North Sea coastline from 4000-1500 BC.
Supervised by: Professor Richard Bradley ,  Professor R W Chapman

Cecilia Moine (
Identity of Late Medieval Nunneries in Northern Italy.
Supervised by: Professor Grenville AstillProfessor Roberta Gilchrist

David Mudd (
Ground Stone Assemblage from Testansur, Iraqi Kurdistan: Economic and Social Implications.
Supervised by: Professor Roger MatthewsDr Wendy Matthews

Guido Guarducci (
The Lands of Nairi: social and material culture networking among the communities of Eastern Anatolia during the late Bronze and Iron Ages.
Supervised by: Professor Roger MatthewsDr Wendy Matthews

Ingrid Iversen (
The Ubaid household: economy and society.
Supervised by: Professor Roger MatthewsDr Wendy Matthews

Matthew Austin (
Centrality in Early England: the development of central places in early Anglo-Saxon England and their North-West European parallels AD 400-700.
Supervised by: Dr Gabor ThomasProfessor Grenville Astill

Matthew Fittock (
Pipeclay figurines in Roman Britain.
Supervised by: Dr Hella Eckardt ,  Martin Pitts (Exeter University)

Mitchell Miranda (
Cattle in the Middle East.
Supervised by: Professor Roger MatthewsDr Aleks Pluskowski

Monica Palmero Fernandez (
The role and significance of goddesses in Mesopotamia during the 3rd millennium B.C. (Early Dynastic. Akkadian. Ur III periods).
Supervised by: Professor Roger MatthewsDr Wendy Matthews

Owen Humphreys (
Tools in Roman London: industry, household practice and ritual deposition across the ancient city.
Supervised by: Dr Hella Eckardt ,  Caroline McDonald (Museum of London)

Rosemary Stewart
The use of cherts and other siliceous lithic materials in British late prehistory.
Supervised by: Professor Richard BradleyDr Stuart Black

Rosie Weetch (
Brooches in Late Anglo-Saxon England within a North West European Context. A study of social identities between the eighth and eleventh centuries.
Supervised by: Dr Gabor ThomasDr Hella Eckardt

Sara Wilson (
Roman ceramic building material.
Supervised by: Professor M G Fulford

Simon Maslin (
The Ecology of the Anglo-Saxon Conversion: a Multi-Proxy Geoarchaeological Investigation of the Anglo-Saxon Monastic Landscape of Lyminge, Kent.
Supervised by: Dr Gabor ThomasProfessor Martin Bell

Stephen Myers (
Early Roman Settlement to the Late Medieval Periods.
Supervised by: Professor Michael FulfordDr Nick BranchProfessor Grenville Astill

Tomasz Borowski (
Identity at the frontiers of Medieval Europe: the multi-ethnic societies of the Crusader Levant and Baltic, 1099-1561
Supervised by: Professor Roberta GilchristDr Aleks Pluskowski

Victoria Keitel (
Rockbourne (Hampshire, UK) Roman villa: a contextual analysis of the material culture associated with a southern British Roman villa.
Supervised by: Dr Hella EckardtProfessor Michael Fulford

Zoe Knapp (
A Zooarchaeology of the Anglo-Saxon Conversion.
Supervised by: Dr Gabor ThomasDr Aleks Pluskowski

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