The Bordesley Abbey Project - Publications

Interim reports of the annual excavations produced and summaries published annually in Medieval Archaeology.

Aston, M, 1972. The earthworks of Bordesley Abbey, Redditch , Worcestershire, Medieval Archaeol 16, 133-6

Rahtz, P, and Hirst, S, 1976. Bordesley Abbey, Redditch, Hereford-Worcestershire: first report on excavations 1969-73, BAR Brit Ser 23, Oxford [298 pp, excavation of south transept and side chapels, boundary bank]

Rahtz, P, and Hirst, S, 1976. Bordesley Abbey, Redditch, an introductory booklet (School of History, University of Birmingham)

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Hirst, S, 1980. Bordesley Abbey (Redditch Development Corporation) [an illustrated poster- style fact sheet for schools]

Walsh, D, 1980. Measurement and proportion at Bordesley Abbey, Gesta 19, 109-13

Walsh, D, 1982. The changing form of the choir at the Cistercian Abbey of St Mary, Bordesley, in Studies in Cistercian art and architecture. 1 (ed M P Lillich), Cistercian studies ser, 66, 102-11, Kalamazoo

Hirst, S M, Walsh, D A, and Wright, S M, 1983. Bordesley Abbey II: second report on excavations at Bordesley Abbey, Redditch, Hereford-Worcestershire, BAR Brit Ser 111, Oxford [320 pp, presbytery , crossing and eastern choir, armarium and vestiarium excavations; architectural study of the excavated eastern portion of the church]

Walsh, D, and Bordesley Abbey Project Team, 1984. Bordesley Abbey, a guide to the church (Forge Mill Museum Trust Ltd)

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Stopford, J, Hughes, M J, and Leese, M N, 1991. A scientific study of medieval tiles from Bordesley Abbey, near Redditch (Hereford and Worcester), Oxford J Archaeol I O, 349- 60

Information on the watermills included in: 1992 Bordesley Abbey past and present (Borough of Redditch)

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Astill, G G, 1993. A medieval industrial complex and its landscape: the metalworking watermills and workshops of Bordesley Abbey, CBA Res Rep, 92 York [322pp]

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Astill, G, Hirst, S, and Wright, S M, 2000. The Bordesley Abbey Project, http;// (replaced by these pages)

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Astill, G, Hirst, S, and Wright, S M, 2004. The Bordesley Abbey Project reviewed, Archaeol J 161, I 06-58

Wright, S M, Hirst, S, and Astill, G, 2005. Patronage, memorial and burial at Bordesley Abbey, Cîteaux - Commentarii cistercienses / Cîteaux Commentarii cistercienses, 354-62

Hurst, D and Wright, S M, 2011. Midlands Purple and Cistercian-type wares in the west midlands in the 15th-16th centuries, Medieval Ceramics 32, 55-64 (uses Bordesley material as a chronological indicator)

Astill, G.G. 2011. 'Een cisterciënzerlandschap: het domein en het beheer van Bordesley Abbey', in: Vorming van monastieke landschappen? Domeinbeheer door religieuze instellingen in Noordwest-Europa tussen de 12de en de 18de eeuw. Jaarboek Abdijmuseum Ten Duinen 1138: Novi Monasterii 11, 145-54.

Astill, G.G. 2011. The Changing Monastic Cloister: Excavations in the South Range of Bordesley Abbey, Archaeological Journal 168, 285-404.

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