Staff Profile:Dr John Creighton

Dr John Creighton
Job Title:
Head of Department
Areas of Interest:
  • Imagery and the negotiation of power
  • Coinage and commodification
  • Urban landscapes and social memory
  • Postgraduate supervision

John is happy to discuss proposals for postgraduate research in any area of Iron Age or Roman studies, particularly areas involving aspects of coinage, economy, urban development, landscape survey and geophysical prospection. For further information, please contact Dr Creighton.

Research groups / Centres:

Social Archaeology Research Group

Key Facts:

Dr. John Creighton's research centres upon Later Iron Age and Early Roman NW Europe. His books include: 'Britannia: the creation of a Roman Province' (2005); 'Coins & Power in Late Iron Age Britain' (2000), Celti: the archaeology of a Hispano-Roman Town in Baetica (with Simon Keay and Jose Remesal, 2001), and he has co-edited the volume Roman Germany: Studies in Cultural Interaction (1999).

His fieldwork has included work in Britain, France, Germany and Spain. Presently he is completing a project, with Colin Haselgrove and Tom Moore, examining the landscape in the vicinity of the Iron Age oppidum of Mont Beuvray (Bibract) and the Roman town of Autun in Burgundy and a large fieldsurvey and digitisation project of the Roman town and hinterland of Silchester (Hampshire).

John was seconded from 2005-10 to direct the University's Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, in a project enhancing linkage between teaching and research, both at Reading and across the HE sector. He initiated the University's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme.

He is currently the Director the Society of Antiquaries of London and has been a trustee of the Royal Archaeological Institute and the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, and has sat on the grant awarding committees of all those organisations.

Research Projects:


On sabbatical 2010-11

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Other Publications

John Creighton (2011) Review of 'Becoming Roman, Being Gallic, Staying British' by S. Trow, S. James and T. Moore. In Britannia, volume 42, pp 491-492. doi: 10.1017/S0068113X11000328

Creighton, J. (2000) Coins and Power in Late Iron Age Britain, Cambridge University Press, 249pp

Keay, S. Creighton, J. & Remesal, J. (2000) Celti. The Archaeology of a Hispano-Roman Town in Baetica. Survey and Excavations 1987-1992. Oxbow Books: Oxford.254pp

Creighton, J. & Wilson, R.J.A. (Eds.) (1999) Roman Germany: Studies in Cultural Interaction. Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplementary Series 32: Portsmouth, Rhode Island. 248pp

BA PhD (Durham) FSA

Contact Details

+44 (0) 118 378 7364

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