Staff Profile:Dr Hassan Fazeli Nashli

Areas of Interest:
  • Neolithization in Iran
  • Craft Specialization
  • Emergency of Complex Society in Iran
  • Social Archaeology
  • Chronology of Iran from Neolithic to the end of Iron Age
  • Historical Archaeology of Iran
Research groups / Centres:

Social Archaeology Research Group

Key Facts:

Hassan Fazeli Nashli joined the department in December 2011 after 20 years work in the Department of Archaeology, University of Tehran. He was also Director of the Iranian Centre for Archaeological Research, the government organization responsible for overseeing all archaeological and heritage work in Iran. Hassan conducted and facilitated many international archaeological projects in different parts of Iran, mainly on the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods. Hassan is jointly working with Professor Roger Matthews on a book entitled "Ancient Iran: A Social Archaeology", aiming to present a new interpretation of Iran's past from the Palaeolithic to the end of the Achaemenid Empire. From the beginning of 1960s to the present time, tremendous archaeological researches were conducted in Iran, and a new synthesis is much needed.

The Neolithization of Iran is very important, as Iran is one of the first regions of the world to make the change from mobile hunter-foraging to settled villager-farming. During the past ten years lots of surveys and excavations of Neolithic sites have been conducted in Iran, and Hassan and Roger are publishing a new book about the Neolithization of Iran which will revise and update previous studies. The study of chronological sequences of Iran entered a new stage during the past ten years. Hassan and Professor Mark Pollard from the Oxford University are calibrating all C14 dates from Neolithic to the Bronze Age sites of Iran in order to present calendar dates for each phase and period based on a regional perspective. Find out more about the book: The Neolithisation of Iran: the Formation of New Societies

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Further Publications:

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