Staff Profile:Dr Fiona Shapland

Areas of Interest:
  • Human skeletal remains, particularly development and pathology
  • Burial treatment and mortuary belief
  • Later prehistoric and medieval British archaeology
Research groups / Centres:

Scientific Archaeology Research Group

Key Facts:

Fiona completed her thesis at the University of Bradford in 2010 and now works as a Research Fellow on the Leverhulme funded project 'Adolescence, health and migration in Medieval England' led by Dr Mary Lewis. Her research focuses on the skeletal remains of adolescents from urban and rural medieval cemeteries. She is examining evidence for pubertal development, growth, trauma and disease to build up a picture of adolescent development and health during this period, and the effect that early work and migration had upon these young people.

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Further Publications:

Tucker, F. 2010. 'A Land of Ghosts: the Treatment of Human Remains in Iron Age Atlantic Scotland', in M. Sterry and A. Tullett (eds.), Iron Age Research Student Seminar 2008. Leicester: Leicester University Press

Tucker, F., and Armit, I. 2010. 'Dating the Dead: Iron Age Funerary Behaviour in Atlantic Scotland'. British Archaeology 112, May / June 2010

Tucker, F. and Armit, I. 2010. 'Human Remains in the Iron Age Home'. Friends of Historic Scotland Magazine, March 2010

Tucker, F. and Armit, I. 2009. 'Human Remains from Iron Age Atlantic Scotland Dating Project: Results Obtained During 2009' Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 2009

Tucker, F., Ogden, A. & Boylston, A. 2009. 'The Human Skeletal Material', in Dockrill, S.J., Bond, J.M., Brown, L.D., Turner, V.E., Bashford, D., Cussans J.E. & Nicholson, R.A. Excavations at Old Scatness, Shetland Volume 1: The Pictish Village and Viking Settlement. Lerwick: Shetland Heritage Publications.

Tucker, F., 2007. 'The Osteological Evidence for the Mercury Treatment of Syphilis in 17th to 19th Century London'. London Archaeologist vol. 11, no. 8

BA (UCL), MSc (UCL), PhD (Bradford)

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