Professor John F. Potter


Visiting Professor

Areas of Interest:

  • The geology and structural relationships of the building materials of the early Christian, Anglo-Saxon and Norman churches in the British Isles. The distinctions in differences and patterns in stone use over these periods.
  • The re-use of Roman stone and tiles in later walls.
  • Application of the above studies to other early walls such as those in castles and town walls (A British Archaeological Report on Great Yarmouth town wall has just been completed).
  • The building materials of the early churches of the London Basin.

Key Facts:

Trained as a geologist (BSc Manchester) specialising in lithostratigraphy (PhD London), John entered teaching and lecturing in further and higher education, ultimately leading to administration and management roles. From 1975 to 1997 he served as Principal of Farnborough College of Technology in Hampshire. During this period his concern for the environment led him to become Hon. Secretary of the Institution of Environmental Sciences and Editor for many years of the international quarterly journal, The Environmentalist. From the beginning he retained his interest in geology by lecturing for the University of London. With retirement, he was invited to join the staff of the University of Surrey as an Emeritus Professor, and at that time he also joined the University of Reading in order to continue with his church building fabric studies first commenced in 1975.

With more than 200 scientific and similar published papers to his credit, in recent years John has concentrated on work related to ecclesiastical geology.


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BSc, PhD, FGS, CBiol, FSB, FIEnvSc

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