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Dr Alex Smith
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Senior Research Fellow
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Social Archaeology Research Group

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Alex Smith worked in the commercial archaeology sector for 11 years as a Senior Project Manager in the publications department of Oxford Archaeology, before being appointed in April 2012 as Senior Research Fellow on a Leverhulme funded project on rural settlement in Roman Britain led by Prof Mike Fulford (University of Reading) and Neil Holbrook (Cotswold Archaeology). The overall aim of this project is to use published and unpublished ‘grey literature’ reports to examine the intricacies of regional and chronological variation and distinctiveness within Roman rural settlement in Britain, south of Hadrian’s Wall.

Alex completed his PhD research in late Iron Age and Romano-British sacred space in 2000 and has maintained an active research interest in this area and in the study of Roman rural settlement ever since.


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2001 Excavations at Canon's Corner, Barnet, Middlesex, Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society 52 (2001), 27-39

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2001 (with A Brookes) Holy Ground: Theoretical Issues Relating to the Landscape and Material Culture of Ritual Space, in A T Smith and A Brookes (eds) Holy Ground: Theoretical Issues Relating to the Landscape and Material Culture of Ritual Space, BAR International Series 956, Oxford

2001 The differential use of constructed sacred space from the late Iron Age to the 4th century AD, BAR British Series 318, Oxford



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