Staff Profile:Dr Amy Richardson

Dr Amy Richardson
Job Title:
Publications Assistant
Researcher & Publications
Areas of Interest:
  • Prehistory of Southwest Asia and the Mediterranean
  • Culture, technology, & exchange
  • Materials analysis and provenance techniques
Research groups / Centres:

Objects, Materials and People Research Cluster

Key Facts:

Amy completed her thesis at Reading in 2010, following which she spend four years working as Project Manager for the Central Zagros Archaeological Project, led by Prof Roger Matthews and Dr Wendy Matthews. Her research examines prehistoric networks of exchange across Southwest Asia, through the analysis of clay and stone artefacts.

Since 2015, Amy has been Gerald Averay Wainwright Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, developing the Transforming Societies Project, which takes a multi-pronged approach to understanding how things came to matter in the Neolithic and how networks of material exchange helped societies thrive. Drawing on scientific, materials-based approaches and current theoretical perspectives, this research explores how the interactions between people and materials shaped the social worlds of the Neolithic, through case studies in the Eastern Fertile Crescent.

In collaboration with Prof Roger Matthews, the City Seals Project examines the tantalising City Seal documents from ancient Mesopotamia. Conducting systematic pXRF analysis of proto-cuneiform clay tablets and sealings, this project seeks to shed light on the bureaucratic practices of early urban societies.

Amy is currently supporting Prof Roger Matthews’ work with Rashid International, an organisation committed to the safeguarding of heritage in Iraq, and providing publications assistance to Prof Steve Mithen..

BA (Cardiff), MA (Leicester), PhD (Reading)
Dr Amy Richardson

Contact Details

+44 (0) 118 378 7980

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