RAC 2014- Programme

The full conference Handbook can be downloaded HERE.

This contains all the abstracts, the timetable overview, location maps and other useful information. It is 96-pages long and a hard copy will be provided in conference packs. To plan your trip you may only want to print off pages 4-16 or transfer it to your tablet or laptop.

The conference sessions will take place in the Palmer Building and Henley Business School on our Whiteknights Campus. Both are very close to each other. Coffee and teas will be provided in both locations, with lunch in the Palmer Building. Both buildings offer breakout social space to sit down and relax in.

Timetable (final)

Thursday 27 March 2014

From 16:00       Registration open in the Palmer Building

18:00               Welcome reception followed by plenary lecture at 18:45

21:00-late         Evening gathering in a centre of town eating and drinking establishment

Friday 28 March 2014

From 08:15       Registration open in the Palmer Building

9:00-12:30       Morning Sessions

    -  Recent work on the Roman Frontiers
    -  New Synergies? The Impact of the Roman Conquest of Italy on Settlement and Society
    -  Roman Concepts of Landscape: New Approaches and Perspectives
    -  The Role of Zooarchaeology in the Study of the Western Roman Empire (Part 1)
    -  Insularity and Identity in the Roman Mediterranean

12:30-14:00     Lunch (Palmer Building) (Ure Museum open and Poster Session in Palmer)

14:00-17:30     Afternoon Sessions

    -  Abandonment and Repopulation in the Settlement Record of the Roman North
    -  Augustus: How to Build an Empire
    -  An Archaeology of Gesture: Performing Rituals, Sharing Emotions
    -  Roman Metal Small Finds in Context
    -  The Role of Zooarchaeology in the Study of the Western Roman Empire (Part 2)
    -  Early Latium: A Laboratory for Excavation, Survey and Material Culture Analysis

Later                 Conference Dinner (in centre of town at the Shehnai Ballroom, bar until midnight)

Saturday 29 March 2014

9:00-12:30       Morning Sessions

    -  New Approaches to the Romano-British Countryside (Part 1)
    -  In the Shadow of Vesuvius: the Centuries before AD 79 (Part 1)
    -  Small Finds and Ancient Social Practices
    -  Current Themes in the Bioarchaeology of Roman Skeletons
    -  Return to the Sauce: New Investigations into Amphorae

12:30-14:00     Lunch (Palmer Building) and TRAC AGM

14:00-17:30     Afternoon Sessions

    -  New Approaches to the Romano-British Countryside (Part 2)
    -  In the Shadow of Vesuvius: the Centuries before AD 79 (Part 2)
    -  TRAC Open Session
    -  Romans and Barbarians beyond the Northern Frontiers
    -  Deposits Full of Character (followed by SGRP AGM)
    -  Back to the Future: Religion, Culture and Cognitive Theory

20:00 onwards TRAC Party (in centre of town at the RISC Centre, with a live band)

Sunday 30 March 2014

9:00-12:30      Morning Sessions

    - Recent work on Roman Britain
    - Interdisciplinary Approaches to Conservation: the Example of the Vesuvian Area
    - Clay and Cult; Roman Terracottas in Domestic, Religious and Funerary Contexts
    - Roman Landscapes and Preventive Archaeology in Northern France:
    - Continuity and Change - the Impact of Foodways on Provincial Pottery Traditions

Conference ends

13:15-16:15    Optional excursion to Silchester Roman Town guided by Prof. Mike Fulford (inc. packed lunch). Links to University projects based on the site can be found on the left.

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