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Friday 9th November

Registration opens (15:30)

Keynote address (17:00-19:00)

Dr Jean-Denis Vigne

New insights from Cyprus on the beginning of animal domestication and on neolithisation in the Near East

Palmer Building - Room 109, followed by a welcome drinks reception in the foyer and viewing of Michael Thevenin's photographic exhibition:

Current Kurdish Transhumance in the north of the ancient Fertile Crescent


Saturday 10th November

Registration (09:00-09:30; Foyer, Agriculture Building)
Opening of the Conference (09:30-09:40: Madejski Theatre; Agriculture Building)
ORAL PAPERS (09:40 - 17:10)

Terminal Epipalaeolithic Site Locations in the Southern Levant - Foreshadowing the Neolithic?

A. Belfer-Cohen, A.N. Goring-Morris and L. Grosman

WF16: Environmental context of a Pre-Pottery Neolithic A settlement embedded within the process of Neolithisation

Steven Mithen and Bill Finlayson

Current Research on the Origins of Agriculture, Animal Herding and Sedentism in the Zagros Mountains of Iran and Iraq

Roger Matthews, Wendy Matthews, Robin Bendrey, Sarah Elliott, Amy Richardson and Jade Whitlam

A Question of Territory: a multi-scale approach to Pre-Pottery Neolithic Settlement Systems in the Lower Galilee, Israel

M. Birkenfeld and A.N. Goring-Morris

The Neolithic of the Iranian Central Plateau through the study of archaeobotanical remains: the case of Tape Sialk

Hengameh Ilkhani and Alexandra Livarda

Isotopic evidence for the earliest use of ceramics in cooking meats and processing milk from sheep and goats at Hotu and Belt Caves, northern Iran

Michael W. Gregg and Greg F. Slater

The spread of farming; the environmental and social context of adoption, adaptation, rejection in early Holocene central Anatolia

Douglas Baird

Destructive delicacies: wild boar in the Neolithic of Anatolia

Louise A Martin & Yvonne H Edwards

Pig domestication and human migration from Anatolia to Europe (and back again)

Claudio Ottonia, Linus Girdland Flink, Allowen Eving, Christina Geörgi, Bea De Cupere, Wim Van Neer, László Bartosiewicz, Anna Linderholm, Ross Barnett, Joris Peters, Ronny Decorte, Marc Waelkens, Nancy Vanderheyden, François-Xavier Ricaut, A. Rus Hoelzel, Marjan Mashkour, Azadeh Fatemeh Mohaseb Karimluh, Shiva Sheikhi Seno, Julie Daujat, Fiona Brock, Ron Pinhasi, Hitomi Hongo, Miguel Perez-Enciso, Morten Rasmussen, Laurent Frantz, Hendrik-Jan Megens, Richard Crooijmans, Martien Groenen, Benjamin Arbuckle, Nobert Benecke, Una Strand Vidarsdottir, Joachim Burger, Thomas Cucchi, Keith Dobney, and Greger Larson

Stable isotope evidence for changes in human diet from the Epi-Palaeolithic to the Neolithic in Anatolia

Jessica Pearson

Two different roads to domestication? Caprine and cattle management (13,000-5,000 BC cal) in the Konya Plain of Central Anatolia: an approach using carbon and nitrogen isotopes.

Caroline Middleton

Neolithisation Process in North China: Geoarchaeological Investigation at two Early Neolithic Sites

Yijie Zhuang

Application of GIS Techniques in Exploring Settlement Patterns of the Neolithic Communities in South India

Opangtula Imsong

No Flies on Us: The Diffusion of the Neolithic in Africa

Lee G Broderick, Mary Prendergast, Oula Seitsonen, Katherine Grillo, Agnes Gidna and Audax Mabulla

Reconstructing the environmental changes at Vinča - Belo brdo

Kristina Penezić

Diet and subsistence variation in the early Neolithic of central Europe

Julie Hamilton, Robert Hedges, Penny Bickle, R. Alexander Bentley, Linda Fibiger, Daniela Hofmann and Alasdair Whittle


AEA annual AGM (17:20 - 18:20)
Conference dinner (19:30)


Sunday 11th November

Registration (09:00 - 09:40; Foyer, Agriculture Building)
ORAL PAPERS (09:20 - 17:10; Madejski Theatre, Agriculture Building)

Neolithisation and woodland management: can woodland management be recognised by branch age and diameter analysis?

Welmoed Out, Kirsti Hänninen and Caroline Vermeeren

Socioecological dynamics at the time of Neolithic transition in Iberia.

Joan Bernabeu Aubán, Oreto García Puchol, C. Michael Barton, Sarah B. McClure and Salvador Pardo Gordo

Crop water availability and origins of agriculture in the western Mediterranean: insights from carbon-13 analysis of cereals and wild flora associated to early Neolithic farming

Mònica Aguilera, Guillem Pérez, Juan Pedro Ferrio, Ramon Buxó, José Luis Araus, Leonor Peña-Chocarro and Jordi Voltas

Zooarchaeology in the Neolithic and Chalcolithic of Portugal

Maria João Valente and António Faustino Carvalho

An integrated perspective on farming in the Early Neolithic lakeshore site of La Draga (Banyoles, Spain)

F Antolín, R Buxó, S Jacomet, V Navarrete and M Saña

Wild and domestic animals in the earliest Neolithic sites in southern Britain

Dale Serjeantson

The causes of the Neolithic elm decline: New evidence from the Lower Thames Valley for human activity and disease

C R Batchelor

Variations on a theme: detailing cattle and pig exploitation in Early Neolithic Britain.

Sarah Viner

The Ecodynamics of Neolithic Clearance in the British Isles

Mark Robinson

Late Neolithic Wiltshire Ham: Recent discoveries from Marden Henge, Wiltshire, UK

Fay Worley

Picturing Stonehenge: providing the evidence base to inform the interpretation content of the new visitor centre

Gill Campbell, Matt Canti, Susan Greaney, Zoё Hazell, Jonathan Last, Ruth Pelling, Simon Mays and Fay Worley

Neolithisation and the landscape of Ireland

M J Bunting, N J Whitehouse, P Barratt, R Schulting, R Marchant, A Bogaard and M McClatchie

Milking the megafauna: the implications of dairying in the Irish Neolithic

Jessica Smyth and Richard P Evershed

The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Shetland: Osteological evidence from a shell midden

Rebecca Nicholson, Fay Worley and Nigel Melton

Reconstructing the landscapes of Neolithisation in Orkney, Scotland

Michelle Farrell and M. Jane Bunting

Storakaig: Environmental archaeology at the Mesolithic/Neolithic interface of Western Scotland

Steven Mithen and Karen Wicks




Akanthou-Arkosykos, a 9th Millenium Coastal Settlement in Cyprus

Müge Şevketoğlu

First results of charcoal and phytolith analysis from Neolithic layers of Buran-Kaya IV (Crimea, Ukraine)

Aurélie Salavert, Erwan Messager, Vincent Lebreton, Natalia Gerasimenko, Simon Puaud, Laurent Crépin, Stéphane Péan, Masayoshi Yamada and Alexander Yanevich

Early oleiculture or native wild Olea in Eastern Maghreb: new pollen data from the sebkha-lagoon Halk-el-Menjel (Hergla, Central Tunisia)

Vincent Lebreton, Amor Mokhtar Gammar, Sahbi Jaouadi, Simone Mulazzani, Lotfi Belhouchet, Abdelkarim Boujelben, Jean-François Saliege, Mohamed Raouf Karray and Eric Fouache

Vegetation history, climate change and the Neolithisation of the northern Apennines, Italy

Stuart Black, Nicholas Branch, Roberto Maggi, Sophie Neville and Mike Simmonds

Stable isotopic evidence and animal management practices in Neolithic Dalmatia

Sarah McClure, Emil Podrug, Douglas Kennett and Emily Zavodny

Plant macro-remains from the early Neolithic site of Smólsk in the Kujawy region, central Poland

Aldona Mueller, Katarzyna Cywa and Błażej Muzolf

Abri des Castelli - 2140m asl: a Neolithic occupation in the Corsican mountain

S Mazet, JM Bontempi and N Marini

Wild and domestic pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus and Sus scrofa ferus) in Prehistoric Times of Romania: paleoeconomical importance

Simina Stanc, Luminiţa Bejenaru and Mariana Popovici

Morphometric data for suines (Sus scrofa domesticus and Sus scrofa ferus) for Precucuteni-Cucuteni and Boian-Gumelnita cultures, in Romania

Mariana Popovici, Adrian Balasescu, Simina Stanc and Luminita Bejenaru

The ratio of domestic and wild animals on the Neolithic sites in Vojvodina (Serbia)

Darko Radmanović, Desanka Kostić, Jelena Lujić and Svetlana Blažić

Changes in prehistoric landscapes: archaeozoological data on Poduri tell (Bacau County, Romania)

Luminita Bejenaru and Simina Stanc

The introduction of agriculture into Ireland: evidence from plant macro-remains

Meriel McClatchie, Nicki Whitehouse, Amy Bogaard, Sue Colledge, Rick Schulting, Phil Barratt and Rowan McLaughlin

Environmental change and human impact across the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition of NW Europe: new data from March Hill, N. England

S E Kneen, J J Blackford, P A Ryan and J B Innes



Monday 12th November


Optional Excursion - Avebury World Heritage Site (09:00-17:00; leaving from Chancellor's Way, Whiteknights Campus)

Led by Prof Richard Bradley (Reading), including Avebury henge and stone circles, Silbury Hill and West Kennet long barrow

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