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The School of Agriculture, Policy and Development has completed a 2 year project to create and distribute learning resources for teachers and lecturers in Further Education colleges in land based subjects. This project was funded by Progress South Central Lifelong Learning Network and these resources have now been released for use. Please click on the titles and associated file links below to access them individually. File types are PDF unless otherwise stated. We would value your feedback using the 'contact us' details.


Presenting Statistical Data (PDF - 1.68MB)

A tool for introducing the basics of statistics and for teaching the correct interpretation and presentation of statistical data. This resource uses examples found in land-based subjects, featured in other resources below.


Good Academic Practice (PDF - 1.35MB)

 A case study of some examples of good and bad academic practice in the context of written essays, papers and theses. This builds on the study guides already available from the University (Index of Study Guides) and focuses on key areas where problems regularly occur such as general layout, referencing and plagiarism.


Molarity Calculation Tool (PDF - 316KB)

A tool for teaching basic calculations of molarity including worked examples.


Woodland Survey (PDF - 1.33MB)

A presentation running through the procedure used to assess trees in the shelter-belt established between the University farm and the motorway. This is a current exercise carried out by Environmental and Countryside Management students in Part 1. The study collects raw data about the trees and performs simple statistics. Data files are included for students to work through examples themselves. Three associated data files : Woodland Plantation Mean Data 06_09 (100KB) Woodland Plantation Raw Data 06_09 (160KB) Woodland Plantation Standard Deviation Data with Graphs 06_09 (212KB)


Farm to Fork (PDF - 1.48MB)

A tool focussing on the link between research and teaching at University using land-based examples to show how research from the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development links in with some of the taught modules. It follows a general farm to fork journey.


Glucose Assay (PDF - 792KB)

A resource showing a simple laboratory assay using the enzymatic determination of glucose in porcine plasma samples. It includes teaching on risk assessments and generation and use of a standard curve. Three associated data files : Raw data and standard curves (52KB) Raw Data with Concentrations and Standard Curves (52KB)  Raw Data with Concentrations and Standard Curves by Treatment (76KB)


Invertebrate Sampling (PDF - 864KB)

A case study (based on a module at the University) demonstrating the construction and testing of a hypothesis. The study looks at the observation that there has been a steady decline in farm birds and poses the hypothesis that this is due to a reduction in their food (i.e. invertebrates). The example shows how to design a suitable study to generate enough data to test the hypothesis and uses more complicated statistics than the woodland survey tool.


Introduction to Debating (PDF - 660KB)

An PowerPoint presentation demonstrating how to conduct a structured debate using an example subject as a case study. The presentation includes a mock debate that has been scripted to demonstrate the correct running of an example subject. Associated files: Debating Script (PDF - 180KB)


Please note that these versions replace those previously distributed to partner colleges. These are freely available to use as teaching resources, but should not be altered in any way, with the University of Reading and Progress South Central being fully acknowledged for their production.

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