Career opportunities

Environmental and countryside management

Reading has an excellent and long standing reputation with employers in the environmental sector and the Environmental Management degree prepares you for careers both within or outside that sector. A flexible programme enables you to build on your interests and develop skills for a successful career. A really enjoyable component of the course, and one which can help in career choice, are the visits to see and experience activities and organisations involved in managing the environment. Staff at Reading have many active collaborations with organisations working in the field of environmental management in the private, public and NGO sectors and staff of these organisations regularly give guest lectures or host field visits. All students undertake a short professional placement at the end of their first year.

Students on this course are expected to go on to a wide variety of careers, predominantly but not exclusively connected with the management of the environment. These include advisers and practical managers in governmental organisations such as Natural England, Environment Agency and local authorities; in non-government organisations such as the Wildlife Trusts, RSPB and the National Trust; or in environmental or ecological consultancy in the private sector. The course is also suited to those who wish to pursue further study for careers in the management of land in the private sector, for example through estate management. Graduates who take the Landscape & Countryside Management pathway are likely to be in demand given the increased emphasis placed on the role and management of rural land for a wide range of purposes and the development of an ‘ecosystem’ approach to land management policy. Graduates who take the Global Environmental Management pathway will be well placed to work in consultancy, as advisors or policy specialists in the field of sustainability and environmental management.

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