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Staff at Reading welcome the opportunity of answering any specific questions you may have, either about the nature of the courses themselves, or whatever potential career areas you feel you might be interested in hearing more about. But in the meantime, we thought you might like to know what our students have to say about their experience of studying Consumer Behaviour and Marketing at Reading:

Nicholas Jones

BSc Consumer Behaviour and Marketing, 2nd year student (2007)

"Consumer Behaviour and Marketing involves a wide range of disciplines that captured my interest from the very beginning. Such a varied course allows me to tailor it to how I want to study, making the course my own.

In my first year I have enjoyed combining both psychology and business into a degree that I can apply to almost anything - and I look forward to building a course that truly fits me."

Danae Riley

BSc Consumer Behaviour and Marketing, 2nd year student (2007)

"As a person who is fascinated by why people behave the way they do, I was immediately attracted to the consumer behaviour and marketing course. This course particularly interested me as there were a range of psychology modules included. These were also accompanied by a selection of other options including marketing, management and economics which allowed me to explore how consumers influence the socioeconomic environment. I really enjoy this course because in the third and final year I am able to focus on my specific area of interest which is advertising and branding as well as more psychology modules such as cognition."

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