Learning in practice

Practical experience and research

Goats being studied by a studentPractical application parallels the theoretical studies and a number of modules include both animal and laboratory-based work.

The University has an excellent reputation for research in animal science and has a state-of-the-art research platform for a number of productive animal species. As a student, you will have access to the University facilities for farm animals at the Centre for Dairy Research (CEDAR) and Meat and Growth Research Unit (MGRU), located south of the main campus.

In addition we have collaborations with several local animal facilities providing us with access to teaching facilities including for example, small animal collections, zoo species and horses. Further afield, you may have the option to take a residential field course at the Durrell Conservation Academy, part of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey.

A major component of your final year is a supervised research project. This will enable you to become closely involved with either a current research program underway in the university or develop your own research with an external organisation. For many students, this proves to be the highlight of their degree. In addition, we regularly have opportunities for you to be employed during a 6-8 week summer research placement at the end of your second year as part of our Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme.

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