Student profiles

Phoebe Pratt, current BSc Animal Science student

"Being part of a University with a wide range of facilities both off and on site has given me the chance to gain a better understanding of the practical nature of Animal Science. I feel very confident that the modules offered to me have allowed me to focus my studies in areas that are both interesting and useful. Being able to experience both the practical and theoretical side of the Animal Science industry has really encouraged me to pursue a career in this field."


Luke Mills, current BSc Animal Science student

"Animal Science at Reading has not only broadened my knowledge of topics in both biology and agriculture, it has also showed me the possible future career options available. Being able to choose from a wide range of modules has really allowed me to tailor my degree to areas that really interest me. With lecturers that are friendly and approachable, I have really been able to enjoy my time at University."

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