BSc Agricultural Business Management

Placement Reports

Name: Ffion Gammage

Programme: BSc Agricultural Business Management with Industrial Training


  1. Trainee Shop Manager at Saddleback Farm Shop, Berkshire (July - October 2015)
  2. Promotional Sales Assistant at Gog Magog Farm Shop, Cambridge (Nov 2015-Jan 2016)
  3. Sales Assistant at Bretts Farm Shop, Hertfordshire (Feb 2016-Sept 2016)

Ffion Gammage

Ffion Gammage is an Agricultural Business Management student, in her final year within the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, who has spent the last year undertaking three placement opportunities within her chosen field.

She has enjoyed a diverse range of placements at three farm shops around the UK. Each shop had a butchery and a café, but additionally sold cheeses, local produce, fruit and vegetables and a selection of homeware products.

"Next, I worked as a Promotional Sales Assistant at Gog Magog Farm Shop in Cambridge where I worked on promoting their products leading up to the busy Christmas period. In addition, I was also responsible for deciding certain products for each day with the manager and ensuring I was engaged with customers to boost sales of the chosen products."

She continued: "My last placement was at Bretts Farm Shop in Hertfordshire as a Sales Assistant where my role required me to work in the main farm shop serving customers, meeting suppliers and dealing with stock deliveries".

Talking about what she learnt from her placements, it is evident that Ffion achieved her goal of gaining a broad knowledge base and a variety of skills. She said: "I believe the experience has improved my teamwork and leadership skills, and that I have learnt how to delegate work to others. I've definitely become more confident in carrying out challenging jobs and also making hard decisions". Ffion continued: "My time management has really improved and I have become accustomed to working and coping under pressure when I've had to run between resolving issues at the shop and in the office."

The School of Agriculture, Policy and Development play an active role in placements, offering support throughout the application process and while students are on placement. Ffion said: "I secured my placement through my own research but had received support throughout the placement process". She elaborated: "Two of my lecturers contacted me during my placement to make sure that everything was going well and that I was enjoying myself. It was so reassuring to know that they were there if I needed any help or advice."

Ffion also offers fellow students some employability advice saying: "From meeting employers, I've discovered that they are far more likely to look at your CV if you have stated at the beginning that you have done an industrial placement year, and I cannot stress enough just how useful doing a placement year is when deciding your future career. It's helped me to know what I do and don't enjoy; so going forward I now know what kind of jobs I would be suited to and enjoy doing."

Looking forward to life after graduation, Ffion says: "I aspire to work as a Buyer - in the food category - for a supermarket and I will be applying for graduate schemes after my exams."

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