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Professor Mike Gooding
Job Title:

Director of Crops Research Unit
Course Director and Admissions Tutor: BSc Agriculture

Areas of Interest:

My research focuses on small-grained cereals, particularly wheat. With my colleagues at the Crops Research Unit, we examine genotype, climatic and agronomic influences on resource capture, use-efficiencies, and grain quality for human food stuffs, livestock feed and industrial uses. Organic and other extensive systems are studied, as well as more intensive, conventional practices. Most of the research relates to NW Europe but we have also targeted problems in SE Asia and E Africa. Approaches include a synthesis of field and growth chamber experimentation with both mechanistic and statistical modelling techniques. I collaborate with many others to improve farming precision, to address environmental and societal requirements of food and energy production.

My teaching is focussed on temperate crop production, including grassland. Much of the teaching is informed by our research programmes at the Crops Research Unit, with which both undergraduates and post-graduates get involved.

Research groups / Centres:

We are currently addressing whether there are better wheat dwarfing genes than those used in the Green Revolution for more sustainable wheat and barley production in Europe. We are particularly interested in improving early establishment and vigour in cereal crops to capture more nitrate, otherwise susceptible to leaching, and also to improve competitive ability against weeds to reduce reliance on herbicides. We are working with the Scottish Crop Research Institute to understand early root development, and with the John Innes Centre to gain better insight to the molecular basis of desired traits. We continue to follow up recently completed projects on cereal:grain legume intercrops ( eg EU FP5 INTERCROP), particularly how competition for, and availability of sulphur impacts upon intercrop composition and grain quality. We continue to investigate the impacts of climate, and the potential of climate change to influence the quality of different wheat genotypes (eg BBSRC ExGen), and are investigating the potential role of photoperiod insensitivity alleles for more secure production of wheat in the UK.

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My early work contributed to a text-book:

Gooding M J & Davies W P (1997) Wheat Production and Utilization: Systems, Quality and the Environment. CAB International: Wallingford, UK. 355 pp.

My three most cited papers are:

Gooding M J & Davies W P (1992) Foliar urea fertilization of cereals: A review. Fertilizer Research 32, 209-222.

Gooding M J, Dimmock J P R E, France J & Jones S A (2000) Green leaf area decline of flag leaves, the influence of fungicides and relationships with wheat mean grain weight and grain yield. Annals of Applied Biology 136, 77-84.

Gooding M J, Ellis R H, Shewry P R & Schofield J D (2003) Effects of restricted water availability and increased temperature on the grain filling, drying and quality of winter wheat. Journal of Cereal Science 37, 295-309.

BSc, PgDip in Crop Protection, PhD
Professor Mike Gooding

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+44 (0) 118 378 8487

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