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Dr Jake Bishop
Job Title:
Lecturer in Crop Science and Production
Areas of Interest:
  • Crop plant responses to heat, drought, and biotic stresses with a focus on Faba bean (Vicia faba)
  • Quantifying responses of species and their interactions to projected climate change and extreme weather events. I work in both in agricultural and natural ecosystems and I focus on ecosystem services, e.g. insect pollination, natural pest regulation, biological nitrogen fixation
  • Understanding threats to food security through a variety of approaches (controlled environment experimentation, field experimentation, crop and economic modelling, socio-economic approaches) for better targeting of mitigation and adaptation

I am actively involved in science outreach. I was recently involved in public outreach days at the Chelsea Flower Show (British Ecological Society Roadshow) and Kew Gardens. I wrote the pollination section of the PGRO Pulse Agronomy Guide 2017, a guide that is distributed to all levy-paying faba bean growers in the UK. Find me on twitter as @jakecologist.

Collaboration and industry engagement:

I am very open to collaborations with academic and industry partners, please email me regarding any potential collaborations. I have a range of high resolution (e.g. flower scale) empirical data on crop (Vicia faba, Brassica napus) responses to heat stress, drought stress, and insect pollination that may be useful in crop model calibration/validation. At Reading we have extensive controlled environment and field trial facilities and I have extensive experience in controlled environment research.

Current opportunities:

Below I list any current opportunities (e.g. funded PhD projects), please email me for more information about these opportunities or follow the relevant links.

Research group:

PhD student - Caroline Harkness - Optimising agriculture for a changing climate: which farming practises confer reliability of food production and farm income? - Funded via the Rothamsted Reading Alliance.

PhD student - Stuart Edwards - Pests, plants and parasitoids: how does climate variability affect tri-trophic interactions in apple orchards? - Funded via the BBSRC CTP in Fruit Crop Research.


I am module convenor for the AP3A90 Climate change and Food Systems module at the University of Reading and teach on several other modules (AP1A02, APMA110, APMA112). I supervise undergraduate research dissertation students and am a personal tutor to undergraduate students.

Projects (recent):

AgriCLASS: Agricultural Climate Advisory Services

  • I worked as a postdoc for the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Agricultural project, AgriCLASS. My role involved engagement with stakeholders in Italy and France to develop user requirements for a medium range climate information service with application to agriculture.

MACSUR: Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security - Understanding the impacts of extreme events

  • I was a postdoc in impact assessment of extreme events on European food security, on work-package XC8 of the European project MACSUR (Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security).
  • I maintain connections within the MACSUR knowledge hub and I am a co-author on a recent Research Gap Report.

Yield stability under heat stress: the role of insect pollinators

  • See my 2016 publications for an overview of this work.

Professional Activities:

Reviewer for several ISI journals and funding councils.

Research groups / Centres:
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BSc; PhD

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