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What is IFSTAL?

It's a free flexible online & face-to-face programme consisting of a large and diverse community of over 1000 students and alumni studying food related issues. IFSTAL is made up of five higher education institutes: The Universities of Reading, Oxford, City and Warwick as well as LCIRAH - the Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health.

Through IFSTAL, you will be able to:

  • Connect with world-renowned experts working on food system challenges
  • Experience Away Days and a Summer School for interdisciplinary team based learning and student-workplace networking
  • Benefit from links to work and dissertation placements, post-graduation internships and much more

The programme is delivered through four units:

1. Introduction to Food Systems

2. Introduction to Systems Thinking

3. Food System methods

4. Engendering Food System change

All postgraduate disciplines at Reading welcome

Further Information

Download further information on IFSTAL and IFSTAL Work-Based Learning Experiences.

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Dr Alex Arnall

Dr Alex Arnall

IFSTAL Reading Principal Investigator (PI)

"IFSTAL is a really great way for you to enhance your university learning experience, as well as potentially gain access to exciting career-enhancing opportunities, such as work placements and internships. The programme is intended to sit alongside and complement your existing degree course, and is designed to be as interactive as possible via an online learning portal, face-to-face workshops plus other events."



Dr Harley Pope

 Dr Harley Pope

IFSTAL Reading Educational Coordinator (EC)

"IFSTAL provides an opportunity to broaden your understanding of food systems by interacting with people from diverse disciplines. You'll also learn useful thinking skills that will help you in your postgraduate studies."




 2018/19 Event Listing

IFSTAL Event list year4


How to Enrol

You can enrol in IFSTAL in two ways.

1) List IFSTAL on your signed module selection forms. Take your completed forms to the Module Surgery Desk in room G9 in the Palmer Building.

2) Alternatively, you can email: requesting to be added to the IFSTAL module.

Once enrolled, IFSTAL will appear as a module that can be accessed through BlackBoard.

If you have any problems, please email

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