Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Livestock Production

Sustainable Livestock Production at the University of Reading

Meeting the challenges of livestock production in the 21st century

Programme provides: This programme gives students an in-depth understanding of the key principles of livestock production, and fundamental concepts with respect to sustainability, preparing those working with animals for the challenges associated with livestock production in a variety of global contexts.

Run by the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, and the University of Reading's Food Advanced Training Partnership, it offers four distance learning modules and CPD opportunities, via a flexible, part time distance learning programme. The modules address the key issues created by the world's continued population growth and increases in income that have resulted in a dramatic rise in demand for livestock and animal products (meat, milk and eggs), with global projections forecasting an increased demand to 2030 and beyond.

Each module can be completed independently, but all four modules are required to secure the Postgraduate Certificate.

This Postgraduate Certificate programme:

  • Leads to a deep understanding of the role that livestock play in the livelihoods of stakeholders in different settings
  • Critically evaluates the opportunities and constraints associated with livestock production from a social, biological and financial perspective.
  • Creates and analyses programmes for the sustainable production of livestock in a range of global settings.

Programme specification:

For details of the core modules and structure of the Postgraduate certificate, please download the programme specification. Please note, the programme specification is subject to change. If you have any questions about changes, please contact the program director.

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Why study at Reading


Reasons for studying at GIIDAE

Renowned for our social and friendly atmosphere where student and staff interaction is paramount; we provide a supportive learning environment that welcomes students from around the world.

Our diversity is our strength as we cover a broad variety of topics with everything from Agricultural Economics, to Food Security and International Development.

The ability to choose modules from a wide range within the School and across the University allows you to tailor your programme to meet your interests and career aspirations.

We offer excellent opportunities for professional networking, with the option of placement experiences in the UK and overseas.

Our programmes add value to your personal and professional development as we connect the theory, practice and policy.

Our Masters students rated their experience with us at 91% satisfaction overall, so you can be sure your experience with be a good one.

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