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    AR JEL DO1
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    Original, dyeline, printed and photocopies of drawings. Some files also contain photographic prints. The collection of drawings he donated to the Landscape Institute is mostly from the period 1970-1995, and it includes some of his most important projects. No longer part of a practice where others translated his ideas onto tracing, we see for the first time his own drawing style and its rapid development, from fairly ordinary keyed plans in thin wobbly lines to intricate and exquisite drawings often covered with handwritten notes to convey the design intentions: viewpoints, references to historical associations or allusions to mythological concepts. With some commissions he was invited back over a period of years and the sequence of drawings reveal the progress; with other commissions where the client disagreed with the first proposal [as with Moody Gardens], Jellicoe designed an alternative. The collection includes most of his output. Interestingly there are no working drawings, the closest is a series of more detailed sketches and plans for the water gardens at Shute House. There are two sketchbooks, but no job files or correspondence. The rest of the story about projects has to be extracted from articles and books he and others have written.
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