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    CR KWG
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    Kent Wool Growers Ltd was established in 1920 with headquarters in Ashford. Its purpose was to enable wool producers to combine to market their wool in the lucrative London market as opposed to selling individually and less profitably to local dealers, who offered an all-in price for wool rather than grading and pricing each clip according to its quality. From an initial membership of 75 and selling 2,500 fleeces at auction in London, the society had expanded to 1,341 members and handling 244,800 fleeces by 1939, becoming an `A' Merchant under the British Wool Marketing Board after the War (ie collecting and grading wool for marketing as the Board's agent).
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    Records of Kent Wool Growers Ltd
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    100 Documents
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    AC1/1-13 Ledgers CR KWG/AC2/1 Cash Book CR KWG/AC4/1-8 Wages Books CR KWG/AC7/1-51 Financial Statements CR KWG/AD1/1 Minute Book CR KWG/CO2/1-2 Rule Books CR KWG/CO2/3-7 Share Registers CR KWG/P2/B1 Advertising Leaflet (British Wool Marketing Board election) CR KWG/P4/1-12 Society Newsletters CR KWG/PH3/1 Postcard CR KWG/SP1/1-2 Published Material (Historical)