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    TR SUT
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    Records of Sutton Seeds Ltd.
  • Extent
    2520 Documents
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    TR SUT/AC1/1-37 Ledgers TR SUT/AC2/1-26 Cash Books TR SUT/AC3/1-61 Day Books TR SUT/AC4/1-24 Journals TR SUT/AC5/1-163 Cost Accounts TR SUT/AC6/1-60 Annual Valuation of Goods in Stock TR SUT/AC6/61-128 Annual Stock Summaries TR SUT/AC6/129-146 Salaries and Wages Books TR SUT/AC6/147-354 Analyses TR SUT/AC6/355-372 Order Summaries TR SUT/AC6/373-403 Financial Papers, Agricultural Seeds TR SUT/AC6/404-427 Financial Papers, Bulbs TR SUT/AC6/428-468 Financial Papers, Flower Seeds TR SUT/AC6/469-485 Financial Papers, Nursery TR SUT/AC6/486-490 Notebooks TR SUT/AC6/491-503 Miscellaneous Accounts TR SUT/AC7/1-54 Statistics TR SUT/AC7/55-132 Annual Balance Books TR SUT/AC7/133-155 Summary Sales Registers TR SUT/AC7/156-229 Annual Financial Statements TR SUT/AC7/230-247 Draft Annual Financial Statements TR SUT/AC7/248-270 Annual Statements (M H Sutton) TR SUT/AC7/271-300 Financial Statement Books TR SUT/AC7/301-304 Bank Books TR SUT/AC7/305-306 Trial Balance Books TR SUT/AC7/307 Auditors Draft Book TR SUT/AC7/308-324 Abstracts TR SUT/AC7/325-327 Comparisons TR SUT/AC7/328-330 Statements of Balance TR SUT/AC8/1-97 Departmental and Branch Accounts TR SUT/AC9/1-6 Invoices and Accounting Papers TR SUT/AD1/1-26 Minutes and Agenda Books TR SUT/AD2/1-17 General Administrative and Commercial Records TR SUT/AD3/1-66 Labour Records TR SUT/AD4/1-60 Premises Records TR SUT/AD8/1-14 General Correspondence TR SUT/CO1/1-26 Records of Partnership TR SUT/CO2/1-16 Records of Companies and Limited Concerns TR SUT/CO3/1-2 Contracts TR SUT/CO4/1-39 Property Records TR SUT/CO5/1 Letters Patent TR SUT/CO7/1-5 Records of Court Actions TR SUT/CO8/1 Legal Opinion TR SUT/ET1/1-60 Trial Books (Nursery) TR SUT/ET1/61-147 Trial Books (Farm) TR SUT/ET1/148-149 Guides to Experiments TR SUT/P2/A1-58 Publicity Material (1833-1851) TR SUT/P2/A59-143 Amateurs' Guides TR SUT/P2/A144-213 Bulb Catalogues TR SUT/P2/A214-300 Farm Seed Publications TR SUT/P2/A301-340 Autumn Publications TR SUT/P2/A341-359 Horticultural Catalogues TR SUT/P2/A360-378 Market Garden Catalogues TR SUT/P2/A379-409 Overseas Publications TR SUT/P2/A410-440 Sports Ground Catalogues TR SUT/P2/A441-450 Flowering Plants, Fruit Trees etc Catalogues TR SUT/P2/A451-467 Garden Seed Catalogues TR SUT/P2/A468-479 Cultivation Notes TR SUT/P2/A480-497 Garden Equipment, Fertilisers and Sundries TR SUT/P2/A498-533 Miscellaneous Material TR SUT/P3/1-5 Posters TR SUT/P4/A1-19 House Journals and Technical Bulletins (Suttons) TR SUT/P4/B1-5 House Journals and Technical Bulletins (Others) TR SUT/P8/1-14 Printing Proofs TR SUT/P9/1 Other Publications TR SUT/PH1/1-10 Glass Plate Negatives TR SUT/PH/11 Negatives (Colour) TR SUT/PH2/1 Photograph Album TR SUT/PH3/1-23 Photographs TR SUT/SH3/1-11 Records of Shows and Exhibitions TR SUT/SP2/1-86 Records of Events, Societies and Organisations TR SUT/SP3/1 Testimonials Book TR SUT/SP4/1-50 Records of James Henry Millard TR SUT/SP4/51-84 Diaries of R Basket TR SUT/SP4/85-116 Records of M H F Sutton TR SUT/SP4/117-121 Miscellanous TR SUT/SP5/1-5 Other Social and Personal Records
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