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    Farm Management Survey
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    SR FMS
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    The Farm Management Survey (FMS) was financed by the Government through the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and undertaken by universities and colleges in England, Wales and Scotland and the Department of Agriculture in Northern Ireland. Beginning in 1936 the survey was voluntary and concerned the collection of financial information. FMS was renamed the Farm Business Survey in 1986. Each university or college was responsible for certain geographical areas. These areas have changed over time. The Milk Investigation Scheme was established in 1934. It surveyed 500 farms and was partly financed by Milk Marketing Board.
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    136 linear metres
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    SR FMS A Farm Management Survey forms SR FMS A/1 Farm Management Survey Primary Return Forms (FAS2) SR FMS A/2 Farm Management Survey Farm Return Summaries, arranged by province (FAS3) SR FMS A/3 Farm Management County and Parish Summaries of Agricultural Census Returns, arranged by county SR FMS A/4 Farm Management Survey Field books for individual farms [Please note these are currently unavailable due to the Data Protection Act] (FAS1) SR FMS B Farm Management Survey forms- Milk SR FMSB/1 Milk Production Primary Returns, part of the Farm Management Survey SR FMS B/2 National Investigation into the Economics of Milk Production, part of the Farm Management Survey SR FMS C Horticultural Survey Summary Forms SR FMS D Administrative Files and Reports