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    National Institute for Research in Dairying
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    D NIRD
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    The Research Institute in Dairying was established at University College, Reading by the Board of Agriculture in 1912. In 1921 the Shinfield Estate was purchased to accommodate it and in the same year it changed its name to The National Institute for Research in Dairying (NIRD). The Institute was concerned with research into the production and uses of milk and improving methods in the dairy industry. Part of this involved the testing of dairying apparatus. On 1 April 1985 the Institute was replaced by the Grassland Research Institute, Hurley and the Food Research Institute, Reading. Directors of The National Institute for Research in Dairying Professor R Stenhouse Williams (1912-1932) Professor H D Kay, CBE, FRS (1933-1958) Dr A T R Mattick, CBE (Acting Director, 1958-1959) Professor Sir Ronald Baskett, OBE (1959-1967) Professor B G F Weitz, OBE (1967-1977) Professor J W G Porter (1978-1983) Dr C C Balch (Acting Director, 1983-1985)
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    24 series
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    D NIRD/AD2/1-4 Reports D NIRD/AD3/1 Staff list D NIRD/AD8/1-6 General Correspondence D NIRD/AD9/1 File (TV Broadcasts) D NIRD/CO3/1-3 Codes of practice D NIRD/DO1/1-2 Drawings D NIRD/ET1/1-37 Commercial test reports (Printed & Published) D NIRD/ET1/38-272 Commercial test reports (Draft Manuscript) D NIRD/ET1/273 Calibration report D NIRD/ET1/274-316 Confidential test reports (Draft Manuscript) D NIRD/ET1/317 Technical note D NIRD/ET1/318-323 Experimental data D NIRD/ET1/324-356 Type test reports (Draft Manuscript) D NIRD/ET1/357-358 Milk cooling equipment reports D NIRD/ET1/359-365 Miscellaneous technical information D NIRD/ET2/1-3 Technical records relating to products D NIRD/ET3/1-52 General technical reference records D NIRD/P2/A1 Leaflets (NIRD) D NIRD/P2/B1-88 Advertising and servicing publications (others) D NIRD/P3/1-2 Notices D NIRD/P4/B1-20 House journals and technical bulletins (others) D NIRD/P5/1-4 Press releases D NIRD/P9/1-4 Other records D NIRD/PH1/1-2 Negatives D NIRD/PH2/1-19 Compilations of prints D NIRD/PH3/1-43 Prints D NIRD/PH4/1-4 List D NIRD/PH5/1-4 Lantern slides D NIRD/SH3/1-3 Exhibit records D NIRD/SP1/1-4 General reference records D NIRD/SP2/1-9 Records of events, societies and organisations D NIRD/SP5/1-2 Other records