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    TR MRL
  • Production date
    1847 - mid 1960's
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    Trade literature collected by Museum of English Rural Life This consists of a collection of trade literature, accumulated on a piecemeal and sporadic basis by the various departments of the Museum of English Rural Life, now subsumed by the Institute of Agricultural History. After each catalogue entry therefore will be found an indication of the item's origin from within the Museum thus i) Object Collection. Comprising year and number of deposit within the year eg. 55/318 ii) Document Collection. Comprising prefix "D", year and number of deposit within year eg. D62/76 iii) Library. Comprising Library accession number eg. 185 iv) Classified Information. No system of numerical accessioning was employed here, the item merely being subject to the Museum classification system. Such items are indicated in the catalogue by "CI". With i, ii and iii the depositor can be traced by consulting the relevant department's accession register, but this is not possible for iv. Material other than trade literature was not transferred in 1970, so that any subsequent transfers of material are treated elsewhere on an individual deposit basis, giving the former Museum reference where applicable.
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    225 Documents
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    TR MRL/P2/B1 - 207 Individual Publications - Various Manufacturers TR MRL/P3/B1 - 2 Posters and Notices - Various Manufacturers
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