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    TR GIL
  • Production date
    1860's - 1960's
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    Premises located at Arbroath, Angus. The records relate to the firm of Alexander Shanks founded 1840, which operated from the Dens Iron Works, Arbroath., until 1967 when it was taken over by Giddings & Lewis-Fraser Ltd., and restyled Gilman-Fraser Ltd. The firm's speciality lay in lawn mower manufacture, but it also undertook a wide variety of general engineering work.
  • Scope and Content
    The items at Reading are a miscellany, being mainly printed U.K. patent specifications, principally for lawn mowers and some duplicates of the publications now at Ladyloan.
  • Extent
    37 Documents
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    TR GIL/AD8/1 Letter from Reading Iron Works Ltd. TR GIL/CO5/1-24 Patent Specifications. United Kingdom. TR GIL/CO5/1 Furnaces TR GIL/CO5/2 Cultivators TR GIL/CO5/3 Agricultural Mowers TR GIL/CO5/4-20 Lawn Mowers TR GIL/CO5/21 Gang Mowers TR GIL/CO5/22 Leaf Collectors TR GIL/CO5/23-24 Skates TR GIL/P2/A 1-7 Individual Advertising Publications TR GIL/P2/A 1-3 Alexander Shanks & Son, Dens Iron Works, Arbroath TR GIL/P2/A 4-7 Alexander Shanks & Son Ltd., Dens Iron Works, Arbroath TR GIL/P2/B 1-2 Individual Advertising Publications. Other Manufacturers TR GIL/P8/1 Proofs of Engravings TR GIL/PH3/1 Photograph. Production of fertilizer distributors TR GIL/SH3/1 Catalogue Extract. The International Exhibition, 1862