• Title
    SUTTONS SEEDS LTD, Second deposit
  • Reference
    TR 2SUT
  • Production date
    1830 - 1970
  • Creator
  • Scope and Content
    Records of Sutton Leeds Ltd Second Deposit
  • Extent
    133 Documents
  • Level of description
  • Content Subject
  • System of arrangment
    TR 2SUT/AC3/1-3 Day book totals TR 2SUT/AC5/1-6 Cost accounts TR 2SUT/AC6/1-7 Other accounts TR 2SUT/AC7/1-10 Financial statements TR 2SUT/AC9/1-4 Invoices and accounting papers TR 2SUT/AD2/1-21 General commercial and administrative records TR 2SUT/AD3/1-4 Labour records TR 2SUT/AD4/1-4 Premises records TR 2SUT/AD7/1-4 Commercial records TR 2SUT/AD8/1-17 General correspondence TR 2SUT/CO1/1-4 Partnership records TR 2SUT/CO3/1 Agreement TR 2SUT/CO4/1-2 Property records TR 2SUT/CO8/1-9 Other legal records TR 2SUT/ET3/1 Report on weather TR 2SUT/P2/B1-5 Individual advertising and servicing publications (others) TR 2SUT/P4/A1-3 Newsletters (Suttons) TR 2SUT/P4/B1-9 House journals and technical bulletins (Others) TR 2SUT/P9/1-3 Other records TR 2SUT/SH2/1 List of awards TR 2SUT/SP1/1 Biographical sketch TR 2SUT/SP2/1-9 Records of events, societies and organisations TR 2SUT/SP3/1 Articles about peas TR 2SUT/SP4/1-2 Personal records