The Group, March 2016

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Research in the Cobb group is mainly focused on the development of novel enantioselective methodologies towards the construction of complex molecular architectures, especially in terms of organocatalysis. We are particularly interested in the synthesis of unnatural amino acids and their subsequent application towards foldamer science. Other research interests include the synthesis of unnatural nucleic acids and the total synthesis of complex, biologically active targets.



Andre is promoted to the full editorial board of the New Journal of Chemistry. Exciting to be a part of this innovative journal!

Andre gives a talk at the 1st International Conference on Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the beautiful city of Frankfurt.

***BIG NEWS*** Our group will be moving to the Department of Chemistry at King’s College London in October. We are sad to be leaving our Reading home, but excited to be going back to Andre’s alma mater. Let the good times roll!

Our collaboration with Adrian Williams, developing new moisturisers based on amino acids, has resulted in a publication and is now on-line. Congratulations Tash!

Lewis’s cyclopropanation work has been highlighted in the Organic Chemistry Portal.

Congratulations to Niraj, Catherine, Georgia and Ellen on their excellent degree results. As usual, project students in our lab do better than the year as a whole!

Congratulations to Rossana and Laura whose invited Review has been accepted into Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry.

Welcome back to Adam who joins us on a postdoc to synthesize unnatural peptide-antisense nucleotide conjugates.

Congratulations to Widad, whose PhD work was published as part of a Synlett Special Edition celebrating Prof Steve Ley’s 70th birthday. Happy birthday Steve!


Welcome to Dan Townsend who joins us to conduct a PhD focused on steroid synthesis with Dextra Laboratories.

Congratulations to Lewis whose cyclopropanation work has been published in Chem Commun.

Andre gives a talk at the ACS Meeting in Boston, as well as to chemists at Harvard Medical School.

Congratulations to Adam whose work has been accepted into ACS Bioconjugate Chemistry.

We also have a twitter feed now. Follow us on @Organocatalysis.

We have a branding! Thanks to @SimonTrimmer.

Congratulations to Charlotte, Sonia, Lai, Sarah and Corrin on their excellent degree results. As usual, project students in our lab do better than the year as a whole!

A PhD in Organocatalysis is available, starting October 2015. Click here for more details.


A warm welcome to Dr Hannah Straker, who joins us from Durham to work on cannabinoid synthesis.

Welcome to Laura, who is starting a PhD on cannabinoid synthesis, and Cidália who will be working on the novel syntheses of unnatural amino acids and their use in foldamer constructs.

Congratulations to Antonio whose paper in Chem Eur J is now online.

A warm welcome to our latest PhD student Rossana, who is working on novel organocatalytic reactions, and foldamer science.

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