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The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology

The Ure Museum and A-Level Students

The Ure Museum is a small university Museum. It houses the fourth largest collection of ancient Greek ceramics in Britain and also contains an interesting collections of artefacts from ancient Egypt. The Greek pottery collection is very regionally and stylistically thorough, containing pottery artefacts from every major locale, including Sicily, the various regions of Greek Italy, Sparta, Corinth, Athens, Argos, Crete, and all other areas of note.

What We Offer

picWe offer structured sessions of up to 2 hours which include:

Relevant Subjects

A visit to the Ure Museum is encouraged for the following A-Levels:

Booking Information

For more information or to book a session, please contact Claudina Romero, Education Officer

The University of Reading
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Humanities and Social Sciences Building
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