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The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology

The renewal of the Ure Museum's Learning Environment 2005

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The renewal of the Ure Museum in 2005 was accomplished with funds from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, University of Reading (Annual Fund; Teaching and Learning Development Fund; CETL-AURS; and the Department of Classics) and the Friends of the University of Reading.

Design: Martin Andrews, with assistance from Rob Banham
Text: Amy Smith and Rhianedd Smith, with assistance from Kirsten Bedigan, David Carter, Gillian Knight, Rebekah Moran and Sonya Nevin
Steering Committee: Daniel Bone (Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford), Michael Fulford (University of Reading), Will Phillips (Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading); Catherine Roberts (Museum of Reading)
Advisory Board: Roy Brigden (Museum of English Rural Life); Jillian Greenaway (Reading Museum); Dyfri Williams (British Museum)

We are also glad to acknowledge the participation of the following individuals and institutions who we number among the generous volunteers, donors, lenders, conservators, image providers, and companies who made this renewal possible.


Many volunteers are named on the leaflet style texts in the Museum that they researched and wrote, and others deserve mention here:





Image providers

Image producers

Former curators and assistant curators of the Ure Museum

IT help

Other Reading colleagues /departments

Also of interest

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