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The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology


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Friends of the University of Reading

2012: 3D Projector suite

2010: 3D Desktop scanner

2002: Environmental dataloggers

1980: Euboean terracotta lekanis [80.7.1]

1956: Eubeoan Terracotta lekanis [56.8.8]


Annual Fund, University of Reading

2010: 3D Desktop scanner

2005: Case lighting, stands and microenvironments


Museum Development Fund. Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire

2009: Visitor counter

2006: Glazed cabinet doors 


Rosemary Chapman and an anonymous friend

2005: A core-formed glass alabastron [2005.9.1]


Bill + Bonnie Ure

2005: Parts of Percy Ure's library and other personal items


Chichester District Museum:

2004: A Cypro-Egyptian terracotta 'poppy vase' [2004.10.1] and a Hellenistic tetradrachm (coin) depicting Alexander the Great [2006.6.1]


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