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The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology

Website Accessibility

As part of the University's policy to make our information available over the internet to the widest range of users, this site uses a number of techniques to improve accessibility.

Firstly we check that our HTML is valid. All the pages on the Ure Museum's website are HTML 4.01 Transitional Valid, validated with the World Wide Web Consortium's on-line validator, http://validator.w3.org

Colours and Layout

This page uses cascading style sheets to provide colour and layout information. If you have problems reading the pages because of the colour scheme we are using, then you can change this through changing the settings in your browser.

Image of a greek vase


The site uses the same sort of navigation across the whole site. The first bit of navigation has links to the main sections of the website. If your browser supports the stylesheets layout, then this menu runs horizontally along the top of the page just underneath the page title. Then each page has another set of navigation links, down the left-hand side of the page if you're seeing the stylesheet version, which links to the pages within each section.

If you are using a screen-reader to access these pages, there are some additional links that will take you past these menus and into the main contents of the page. The first link [Skip Main Navigation Menu] will skip over the menu of the main sections and go to the top of the menu for the section you are in, then there is another link, [ Skip sub-section navigation menu ], which will skip the next menu and go straight to the top of the page contents. In additional, at the bottom of the page contents, there is a link to take you back to the start of the page, to just before the first links menu, where you can make your choise of which page to visit next. These links are the same on every page.

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