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Ure Discovery

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Ure-Discovery, a "World Stories South East" project

The Ure Museum is delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding by the Arts Council England to develop a new project as part of the World Stories South East Stage 2.

This project develops from Ure View in 2011-12, in which University of Reading students helped pupils from some local schools to develop animations that exhibited their perspective on ancient life and their interpretation of some vases in the Ure Museum. This collaborative project was highlighted as part of the Cultural Olympiad, performed in Arts in Parliament on 24th July 2012 (see http://rpmcollections.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/ure-view-bringing-ancient-greece-to-life/).

Ure Discovery, evolving form the Ure View, recruited a panel of University students who worked with the pupils of local schools to create an innovative exhibition voicing their own interpretations of the collection. The young people used portable modern technology to create a virtual tour of the Museum, in which technology enhances and sustains the visitor's experience of the collection. Under the supervision of the student panel, the team of school pupils used digital images and sounds to bring ancient art to life and the use of tablets will allow a much more flexible, accessible and personalised approach to the final result for all the visitors of the Ure Museum.

Thanks to our collaboration with iMuse (a project of AACT, a small, Reading-based, volunteer-run charity interested in accessibility communications technology) a special needs school from Reading has also collaborated in the project (see http://www.aact.org.uk/imusehome.php). Thanks to this addition to the team, Ure Discovery was able to exploit the portable technology to improve accessibility to the Museum for special needs children and adults.




The Ure Museum's impressive collection of Ancient Greek artefacts shines with new light through the eyes and interpretation of Reading's youth.

Visit our special summer exhibition and use the virtual trail developed in collaboration with the Pupils of 3 local schools to discover a new way to experience art and history.

From Monday 17th June to Friday 30th August

Main Library, Whiteknights campus, University of Reading


Enhance your visit 

Throughout the summer, from Monday 17th June 2013, use the virtual trail to enhance your visit to the Ure Museum. Just ask for an iPad.



Related public Events

We warmly invite families and adults to join us on the two last Saturdays of June to celebrate the Ure Discovery project and support the AACT charity in her effort to improve accessibility to Museums for special needs children and adults.

All contributions collected during the two events will go to AACT.

For any information and for bookings, please contact us at 0118 378 6990 or ure.education@reading .ac.uk