Tom Evison

Quantity Surveying and Construction Management BSc, 2009

BiographyAlumni Profiles Tom Evison 2009

I studied Quantity Surveying and Construction Management at the University between 2006 and 2009. In September 2009 I took up a graduate position as a Quantity Surveyor for a leading international construction consultancy firm. I quickly moved on to become a Project Manager for a high profile construction project in the commercial sector. A short while later, I left the comfort of working for someone else and founded my own design and build company - Evis build

Why did you choose to study at the University of Reading?

The University of Reading, more specifically, the School of Construction Management and Engineering, was my first choice due to its reputation within the construction industry as the number one university for construction related courses. Furthermore, the campus layout of the University appealed to me far more than other universities which were based around city centres.  

What was the best bit about living and studying in Reading?Alumni Profile Tom Evison 2009 Formal

There are so many great bits about the University. However the experience of living in Windsor Hall in my first year with approximately 30 other fellow students sharing a corridor was great fun. The library must be the best part of studying at the University, not only is it well stocked, but for many students it is also 'the hub' of research and socialising combined.  

What top tips would you give to students who are beginning their studies?

The more energy you put into your studies, the more you will achieve further down the line. Don't just study to pass your exams, study because you are interested in your course. All the extra information you absorb will reflect in your exam answers and therefore your results. Always be open-minded and use every day experiences as life's little lessons. Use your time at university to learn about how you interact with other people and appreciate other people's views.

What are you up to now? How did you get there? 

I have founded my own design and build company - Evis build. We undertake all forms of residential design and build work from renovations and refurbishments, extensions and conversions, to entire home remodelling projects and new home builds. 

How has the University of Reading helped in your chosen career path?Alumni Profile Tom Evison 2009

The lecturers at the University provided me with the underlying theory of everyday construction methods, management of people and time, and being able to accurately quote for work. This theory, combined with my practical building skills which I have acquired throughout my life, was what empowered me to start up my own construction company.

What does the University mean to you and what is your favourite memory?  

Graduating from the University was a milestone for the academic part of my life. It was a part of my life where I could study what I was always interested in and provide myself with solid foundations for my future career in the construction industry. My favourite memory has to be my first year in Windsor Hall. The experience fully lived up to my expectations as what being a student is all about - play hard and work hard.

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