Volume 9 Number 3 1996



Is There Sociology After Postmodernism?
(David Harris)



Discreet Indiscretions: The Social Organization of Gossip, Jorg R.Bergmann
(Sean Field)

The Classical Roots of Ethnomethodology: Durkheim, Weber and Garfinkel, Richard A. Hilbert
(Andrew Travers)

The Scientific Revolution in National Context, Roy Porter and Mikulas Teich
(Andrew Barry)

Reconsidering Social Constructionism: debates in social problems theory, J.A. Holstein and G.Miller
Constructing the Social, T.R. Sarbin and J.I. Kitsuse
(Martyn Hammersley)

Toward Transformation in Social Knowledge, Kenneth Gergen
Culture/Power/History: A Reader in Contemporary Social Theory, Nicholas B. Dirks, Geoff Eley and Sherry Ortner
(E. Stina Lyon)


Unreasonable Men: Masculinity and Social Theory, Victor Seidler
(Lina Anagnostou)

Surviving Secrets: the Experience of Abuse for the Child, the Adult and the Helper, Moira Walker
(Marian Charles)

Regulating Womanhood: Historical Essays on Marriage, Motherhood and Sexuality, Carol Smart
Stepping Out of History: Documents of Women at Work in Australia, Marian Aveling and Joy Damous
The Lonely Mirror. Italian Perspectives on Feminist Theory, Sandra Kemp and Paola Bono
(Jane Pilcher)

Motherhood and Modernity, Christine Everingham
(Bella Dicks)

A History of Women in the West (Volume III): Renaissance and Enlightenment Paradoxes, Natalie Zemon Davies and Arlette Farge
(Shani D'Cruze)

The Morning After: Sexual Politics at the End of the Cold War, Cynthia Enloe
Gender In International Relations, J. Ann Tickner
(Terry Chivers)

The Politics of British Feminism, 1918 - 1970, Olive Banks
(Pauline Fuller)


Deconstruction and the Visual Arts: Art, Media, Architecture, Peter Brunette and David Wills
(Lina Anagnostou)

Culture, Globalization and the World System: Contemporary Conditions for the Representation of Identity, Anthony D. King
(Marjorie Mayo)

... and there was television, Ells Cashmore
(Nette Martinsen)

Playing With Power, in Movies, Television and Video Games: From Muppet Babies to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marsha Kinder
(Howard Williamson)


Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa, Lissi Rasmussen
(Hugh Goddard)

Religion in a Rootless World: Women Turn To Orthodox Judaism, Lynn Davidman
(Régine Azria)

Religion and National Integration in Africa: Islam, Christianity and Politics in the Sudan and Nigeria, J. Hunwick
(Hugh Goddard)


Aboriginal Health and Society: The Traditional and Contemporary Aboriginal Struggle for Better Health, Sherry Saggers and Dennis Gray
Aboriginal Health and History: Power and Prejudice in Remote Australia, Ernest Hunter (Colin Samson)

Comparable Worth: Theories and Evidence, Paula England
(Graham Hollingshead)

Incomparable Worth: Pay Equity Meets the Market, Steven Rhoads
(Keith Grint)

Jokes and Their Relations, Elliott Oring
(Christie Davies)

The Dependency Movement: Scholarship and Politics in Development Studies, Robert Packenham
(Peter Woodward)

Life For Us Is What We Make It: Building Black Community in Detroit,1915-1945, Richard Thomas
Cities of the Heartland: The Rise and Fall of the Industrial Midwest, John C. Teaford,
(Peter Cook)

Policing for a New South Africa, Mike Brogden and Clifford Shearing
(P.A.J. Waddington)


Structures of Control in Health Management, Rob Flynn
(Alison Baker)

Controlling Health Professionals, S. Harrison and C. Pollitt
(Rob Flynn)