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Develop Regeneration Projects

Within a framework of a clear strategic approach, individual projects and activities need should be developed, designed and implemented. These would depend on local circumstances and needs and should include:

bulletSmall-scale projects: Potentially carried out by local people and groups, such as improving a local park or public space, or promoting the renovation of a historic building. Practical small-scale action in every neighbourhood is vital to the continuous improvement of the local environment and to fostering the engagement of communities in their future.
bulletThe identification of areas for concerted action and priority: These might be town centres, focused around the arrangements needed to carry through town improvement schemes. They might be areas of dereliction with a mixture of land and buildings needing improvement. They might be residential areas needing renewal. They might be areas of sufficient scale and significance to justify a special structure such as an urban regeneration company. In each case local authorities and other public and private partners will need to develop a package of measures and delivery mechanisms.
bulletNew major developments of quality well integrated into the environment: In many cities the rate of investment through the private sector is increasing. Significant public investment can be expected in buildings and in transport infrastructure. Each of these must be of a high quality in itself; each must be used as the opportunity to improve the wider environment and functioning of the town.