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Public Facility Planning

Successful public facility planning historically have met both the practical, functional needs of society and, at the same time, have expressed cultural and civic aspirations.  The objective of public facility planning is to make realistic, buildable plans that create new and beautiful places.  This includes:
bulletReviewing proposed site selections and site plans for public facilities such as parks, trails, schools and libraries.  Reviewing plans for consistency with the goals, policies and land use designations of municipal plans adopted. Investigating the effects of a proposal on the surrounding area.
bulletLandscaping review regarding cost, feasibility and design criteria. Other factors include off site impacts of the facility, safety, efficient public use, visual attractiveness and architectural considerations.
bulletReviewing planning and design criteria include an assessment of how the landscaping complements adjacent areas, enhances on-site use of the facility, and contributes to the visual attractiveness of the project.