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Provide Employment Opportunities for All

Although a range of employment opportunities arise all the time, joblessness is concentrated among certain groups and in certain localities in both urban and rural areas. The areas of low employment rates tend to be where the numbers on welfare both unemployment related and other benefits are highest. Often these areas face multiple disadvantages.

Providing employment opportunities for all is the single most effective means of tackling poverty and social exclusion. Employment enables individuals to improve their living standards; it also makes constructive use of human resources. In a modern economy, countries that succeed will be those that get the best out of all their people.

Residents in towns and cities should share in higher living standards through employment. Individuals not in employment must be willing to take advantage of employment opportunities; and employers must be willing to consider the widest range of people for the jobs on offer.  Better quality of life for all can be delivered by changing the welfare culture to one built on work and security work for those who can; and security for those who cannot.

People should have the skills, motivation and opportunity to make the most of their employment potential. Therefore the following should be done:

bulletRaise education standards to equip young people to be able to take up jobs.
bulletAssist unemployed people to acquire employability skills and find work.
bulletDevelop a culture of lifelong learning, which makes for a flexible and adaptable workforce.
bulletMake work pay and easing the transition into work, through tax and benefit reforms.
bulletHelp parents balance work with their family lives, further education and training more effectively and with greater confidence.
bulletProvide high quality, affordable and accessible childcare and early education.
bulletHelp people on inactive benefits back into the labour market and into employment through various welfare to work initiatives.